I am concerned about the privacy of my medical record or my peers discovering that I am in treatment.


Unfortunately, mental health still carries a bit of a stigma. While people think nothing of being treated for, say, a cardiac issue they are often embarrassed or reluctant to seek help for psychiatric issues. At Pinnacle Premier Psychiatry we utilize an electronic medical record and we do not maintain any documentation related to your care that is not HIPAA compliant and password protected. At your initial visit, we will ask you to indicate if you would like us to share your information with your spouse/significant other, family,  etc. We will provide this information only with your express written consent.

Our office space is located at the rear of the World Trade Center Building and our entrance is immediately to the right. We have two separate waiting rooms: One with higher visibility and also a sub-waiting room that offers much more privacy. If your privacy concerns exceed what our sub-waiting room offers, we will make other arrangements and time your visit to maximize privacy.